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CATHAY INDUSTRIES is a global provider of Color Concept Solutions. Our products are more than just simple pigments, they are complete color systems, customized to your specific business needs. Whatever color ideas you can imagine, CATHAY INDUSTRIES will help you bring them to life.

We serve a wide array of industries and companies, from makers of paints and coatings, to manufacturers of construction materials, paper products and consumer goods, such as cosmetics. We offer a diverse range of solutions, tailored to be the perfect fit.

We have a growing customer base in countries all over the world. Our clients look to us for consistent, reliable service, technical know-how, and top-notch products. They stay with us because they know we will come through; we will meet and surpass their requirements.

We have a particular expertise in iron oxide pigments, and we have a variety of other colorants to complete our portfolio. We offer Color Concept Solutions, not just simple pigment products.